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25th Annual Research Postgraduate Symposium at Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine of HKU

The 25th Research Postgraduate Symposium has been held annually since 1996 at the Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine of The University of Hong Kong. The theme of the symposium this year is “Leveraging the revolution in resolution: modernizing medical data perception”.

In this two-day online event from 2 Dec 2020 to 3 Dec 2020, research postgraduate students will present their work within the faculty’s research community and be inspired by one another.

Rachel Liao Qiuying will present an oral LIVE presentation on 3 Dec 2020 (14:30-15:30) entitled "Formulation of Inhalable Voriconazole Dry Powders Prepared by Spray Freeze Drying Technology".

Support Rachel and watch her live presentation by clicking on the Zoom link below:

Rico Man Chi Hang has also submitted an e-poster (No. 15 in Group 5) entitled "Co-delivery of siRNA Targeting EGFR and PD-L1 using Synthetic PEGylated KL4 Peptide as a Novel Gene Therapy Against Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer".

HKU staff and students with HKU portal access can check out Rico's poster by clicking on the link for access below:

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