External Peer-Reviewed Competitive Grants (as Principal Investigator)

Bio-inspired PEGylated KL4 peptide as non-viral vector for pulmonary delivery of nucleic acid-based therapeutics, General Research Fund (GRF), Research Grant Council (RGC) (17300319) Jan 2020 - Dec 2022

Novel inhalable powder formulations of synergistic combinations of antimicrobial peptides and antitubercular drugs to combat drug-sensitive and drug-resistant tuberculosis, Health and Medical Research Fund (HMRF) (18170972) Jul 2019 - Jun 2022

High-performance inhaled powder formulation of RNAi therapeutics by co-spray drying of RNA with human serum albumin, General Research Fund (GRF), Research Grant Council (RGC) (17301918) Jan 2019 - Dec 2020

Inhalable dry powder formulation of naked siRNA using spray-drying and spray freeze-drying technologies for the treatment of respiratory infections’ Health and Medical Research Fund (HMRF) (15140962) Apr 2016 - Feb 2019

Development of a highly efficient inhalable mucosal DNA vaccine against HIV as dry powder using pH responsive LAH peptides with nuclear localizing sequence as DNA carrier, General Programme, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) (81573373) Jan 2016 - Dec 2019

Porous nanoparticle aerosol carriers with controllable density for pulmonary drug delivery, General Research Fund (GRF), Research Grant Council (RGC) (17302815) Jan 2016 - Jun 2019

Development of a highly effective, pH responsive peptide, siRNA delivery system to the respiratory tract to combat influenza virus infections, General Research Fund (GRF), Research Grant Council (RGC)(17110414) Jan 2015 - Dec 2017

Intranasal delivery of DNA vaccine using oligochitosan/PLGA nanoparticles, Health and Medical Research Fund (HMRF) (13121222) Apr 2014 - Mar 2015

The investigation of antimicrobial peptide as novel therapy for Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Research Fund for the Control of Infectious Disease (RFCID) (11100682) Oct 2011 - Sep 2012


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